NEPPSS - Centre of Social Policy and Social Service Studies and Projects


The Centre of Social Policy and Social Service Studies and Projects is a unit undertaking STUDIES, EVALUATIONS, PROJECTS AND CONSULTANCY in the social policy and social service fields.

In terms of service provision, NEPPSS continues with the work done by CESSS – the Centre of Social Service and Sociology Studies (in operation since 2003), integrating a significant diversity of Social Policy Studies, Evaluations and Projects into its portfolio in keeping with the research and service provision contracts signed with public and private institutions. 


Portfolio of Studies and Projects


A. Studies

  • Homeless Immigrants (2012 - Institute of Social Security)
  • Social Profile of Lisbon’s Santa Casa da Misericórdia Social Housing Users (2012 - Santa Casa da Misericórdia, Lisbon)
  • Meanings, Impacts and Symbolic Constructions of Missionary Experiences: study of Leigos para o Desenvolvimento volunteers, within the framework of 25th anniversary commemorations of this non-governmental organisations (2012)
  • Awarding Housing to Serious Case Situations (2010 - Cascais Municipal Council)
  • The Users of the Social Services of the National Health Service (2008 - Ministry of Health)
  • Social Housing and Constructing Autonomy for Clients of Lisbon’s Santa Casa da Misericórdia, in partnership with CESSS-UCP and CET-ISCTE-IUL (2007/08)
  • Socio-Professional Inclusion of Former Gaiato Residents (2008 - Casa do Gaiato)
  • Professional Nursing Practice Conditions (2004 - Portuguese Order of Nurses
  • Situation, Evolution and Challenges to Domestic Support Provision in the City of Lisbon (2004 - Santa Casa da Misericórdia, Lisbon)


B. Social Project Evaluations

  • Evaluation of the Project; BIP-ZIP Myrtles in Network (2016/17 - Campo Grande Parish Centre)
  • Evaluation of the Initiatives “Urban Requalification and Reintegration Operations in Critical Neighbourhoods” (2007 - National Housing Institute)
  • External evaluation of the Project; “Displacing Exclusion”, developed under the auspices of the Progride Program by CASTIIS: Sanguêdo/Santa Maria da Feira Centre of Elderly and Childhood Social Assistance (2007/2010)


C. Development Projects, Social Intervention and Consultancy

  • Social Diagnosis, Social Development Plan, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Santa Maria Maior Parish (2014/2017 - Santa Maria Maior Parish Council)
  • Professional Supervision of SCML Social Welfare Technical Staff (2010/2015 - Santa Casa da Misericórdia, Lisbon)
  • Socio-Territorial Development Plan for the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Urban Estate (2010-2011 - Casa Pia de Lisboa)
  • Future Paths: From prison to inclusion (2005-2007 - EQUAL Project)
  • E-Re@al Project: Employability Network of Alta de Lisboa (2005-2007 EQUAL Project)
  • Envolver + (2003/05 - Cáritas Portuguesa)