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Applications for 2018/2019

International Candidates

1st Phase: February 1 to April 13
2nd Phase: May 2 to July 11

National Candidates

1st Phase: February 5 to June 6
2nd Phase: June 11 to July 20, 2018




Post-working, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Program Description

Questions around communication, its relationships with the social, political, cultural and economic spheres, have acquired crucial importance in recent decades and driving a highly significant expansion in the interest and relevance of research undertaken in the field of the Communication Sciences.

In parallel, changes in interpersonal, intergroup and public communications practices, which have come to impact on contemporary societies, have driven the still greater relevance of educating and training highly qualified specialists able to develop fundamental and applied research projects correspondingly able to reply to the different communications challenges prevailing and expanding our knowledge about communication across its most diverse and different facets.  

The Doctoral Degree Program in Communication Sciences at the Faculty of Human Sciences seeks to endow students with the competences and the tools necessary to the development of research projects incorporating the highest scientific standards and advanced levels of ethical significance. In addition to mastering the different theoretical trends and methodological tools, doctoral students also deepen their capacities for analysis and the critical interpretation of different communicational phenomena

The studies advanced on the Communication Sciences Doctoral Degree Program are structured in accordance with the scientific activities ongoing at CECC – the Center for Communication and Culture Studies, duly recognised at the national and international levels as an innovative research hub at the intersection between the communication sciences and culture studies. 

Over the last decade, with its highly qualified teaching staff, the FCH Doctoral Degree in Communication Sciences has seen its numerous graduates take up positions dedicated to research in various universities as well as senior level roles in different companies and organisations. The program displays a truly international profile with doctoral degree students gaining access to the most diverse events on an international scale run by both the FCH and CECC.

In addition, various curricular units in the doctoral degree program count upon the collaboration of guest professors from other countries, in particular the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania


Marketing and Communication Office - PhD


Phone: (+351) 217 214 293


Nuno Conde

Juridical specialist in media law and an international expert on media sector public policy. CECC researcher.
“The level of demand and rigor that I found among the teaching staff (…) ensure I can fully and enthusiastically recommend the PhD Program in Communications Studies.”