Participating in the Erasmus program was the best decision I’ve yet made in life.

I decided to study for a semester in Poland. Somewhat nervous, I set off on my first big adventure.

I couldn’t have chosen a better destination. From the beauty of the city through to all of the fantastic places to go out, Krakow won me over.
Getting out of our comfort zone is something that may at first seem frightening but really is rewarding. I became a more independent and courageous person following this experience.

I would encourage any student to participate in the Erasmus program as it’s something that only those who do it can really understand!


Cristiana Reis, Erasmus Student at the Pontifical University of John Paul II, Krakow, Poland

Why Austria? Because I have always been fascinated by the Bavaria region and its surroundings in addition to wanting to build on my knowledge of the German language.
The experience exceeded all of my expectations - Salzburg provided me with five unforgettable months! An unparalleled period of learning during which I was surrounded by a completely different culture and by a city with a beauty and ease “like you only get to see in films”. 


Leonor Costa, Erasmus Student at the University of Salzburg, Austria 

My Erasmus experience corresponds to one of the best I’ve yet had.

My time at KU Leuven in Belgium enriched me not only at the academic level but also in personal terms.


Francisco Cunha, Erasmus Student at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium


Jasmin Fernandes Rafferty

Aluna do 2.º ano
Comunicação Social e Cultural
"(...) No primeiro ano do curso tive a oportunidade de experienciar como é montar uma reportagem e um jornal, e assim perceber melhor como seria trabalhar nesta área da comunicação. Sinto que consegui conciliar o meu lado mais criativo com a literatura das cadeiras. A componente da língua estrangeira é algo de que gosto muito e já pude usar os conhecimentos das aulas na minha viagem ao estrangeiro. (...)