Undergraduate Degree in Applied Foreign Languages

Applications | 2018-2019 Academic Year


Students are eligible to apply when, in 2017-2018, attending the first or second year of their undergraduate degree. The requirement for applying to the Erasmus+ Program is attending at least the second year before joining the mobility program.

Selection Criteria:

The selection criteria are set by the FCH Erasmus+ Program Coordinator following consultation with the Scientific Area and Degree Coordinators.

Candidates are selected according to the following criteria, in descending order:

  1. Average grade for every subject completed at the time of applying;
  2. Average grade in the foreign language of the intended country of study;
  3. Level of maturity, nature and motivation for Erasmus mobility.


Candidates are submitted to an interview in the respective destination country language whenever two or more candidates return absolutely the same results following the selection strategies described in points (1.) and (2.).


Students interested in applying are to complete the form and submit their application to the FCH Erasmus secretary; (c.santos@fch.lisboa.ucp.pt), before February 18, 2018.

The following documents are to be sent with the form otherwise the application is subject to rejection:

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Letter of motivation explaining the application (maximum of 10 lines, one and a half spaces).

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Catarina Capelo Moreira

Marketing and Sales Strategy Coordinator
SanaExpert GmbH, Alemanha
“My degree is substantially sought after in Germany due to the range of its curricular structure and the insistence on learning foreign languages alongside the inclusion of key subjects such as Marketing, Digital Communication, Business Management and International Relations.”